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We serve historians and genealogists who are interested in the Kalamazoo River Valley region - and around the world, too.  Join us!

President's Message

The 2020-2021 KVGS year is here!  Programs are virtual using the Zoom platform. 
Mark your January calendar for the general meeting January 18.  Judy Russell, the "Legal Genealogist," will speak about using negative evidence as proof. We do not have permission to record this sesion so I hope you'll be able to attend on line.  And one of our own, Janine Cotugno, will present the Skills Session January 25.  Members will receive a registration email a few days before the event.  Reply to that invitation and a confirmation email with the link to join will be emailed to you immediately.  Click on the link to join just before the meeting start time.
"See" you at the meetings.
Jan Wright, President

KVGS on Social Media and Other Sites

KVGS is on more than just our own website.  Visit us at the following links to check out our "footprint" on the Internet.

KVGS General Meeting
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KVGS Skills Session
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Family Tree Maker User Group
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Board Meeting
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